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The Traits of Great Disruptive Leaders


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What is Personal Disruption?

John is in high demand around the world as a speaker, facilitator and authority on disruptive leadership.

John presents at business conferences and events around the world and estimates he has spoken or held workshops more than 1000 times in his career. He has presented at the Harvard Club of New York City, the Waseda Marketing Forum in Tokyo, the National Press Club in Washington, DC, IBM’s Global Innovation Outlook in Shanghai, Tokyo and New York, Consult-Con in San Diego, the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, in front of various trade groups, on the radio and for podcasts.

Drawing on his substantial experience and expertise, John’s presentations are often tailored to an audience’s specific interests and needs. He can shorten most topics to fit a 20 to 30-minute slot or fill an hour to an hour-and-a-half session with Q&A, with or without slides.

In addition to more “traditional” speech formats, John also designs and facilitates highly interactive workshops that challenge his audiences’ assumptions and create new ways of thinking. Depending on the topic and goals of a workshop, sessions can run from just a few hours to several days.

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Recent events John has facilitated or spoken at include:

Disruptive Leadership: Forcing Change at the Harvard Club of New York City

The Thin Line Separating Disruption and Destruction at The CEO Club of Baltimore

Client Relations in a Disruptive World at IMC’s Annual Meeting “Consult-Con 2018,” San Diego, California

Workshop Introduction to Disruptive Leadership held at the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce in New York City


Book Signing event at Barnes & Noble, 555 5th Ave., New York City

Walking the Thin Line Between Disruption and Destruction at the Charter Member Dinner of the TiE New York Chapter

CEO Roundtable with the Southwest Brooklyn Industrial Corporation in New York City

The Unstoppable Force of Disruptive Leadership at “Marketing with a Book Weekend” Retreat, La Jolla, California

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Book John to speak to your audience and he will deliver. John is able to speak and train on a varity of topics:

+ Walking the Thin Line Between Disruption and Destruction
Even if a disruptive business has a powerful value proposition, it can quickly turn to destruction if basic business rules are ignored. Unproductive mindsets and blind spots often trip up even the best CEOs. Leaders will learn that by just changing one or two aspects of their business it can become a force of disruption as long as they and their organizations maintain a high level of performance.
+ What’s Different About Disruptive Leaders?
There are as many approaches to leadership as there are leaders. In the world of disruptive leadership, the great ones consistently exhibit seven specific characteristics. This eye-opening presentation will help attendees identify these characteristics and teach them how to apply these traits to accelerate both their organization’s growth and their personal success.
+ Making Great Decisions in a Disruptive World
Agility and adaptability are no longer enough! Accurately anticipating the world’s changing needs and strategically addressing them provides organizations with their biggest advantage. In this thought-provoking presentation attendees will learn how mastering the disruptive decision-making process will position them and their organizations to turn disruption and change into their best advantage.
+ Wealth and Transformation
Accelerating your company’s growth and generating wealth requires a transformative way of thinking. This presentation capitalizes on driving growth from the inside out to take control of your future. Attendees will learn how to break out of the status quo and, not just act on new opportunities, but to be the driving force behind them.
+ Dare to Imagine a Better World
Truly big and transformative disruptions only occur when an existing ecosystem is forced to put its users, who had until then been subsidiary to very powerful companies and organizations, firmly at the center of that ecosystem. Attendees will learn how to systematically create disruptive opportunities that when implemented could create great value for thousands, even millions of people and generate immense wealth for themselves, their organizations and investors.

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Today’s business volatility is unprecedented. John helps forward-thinking companies use disruptive solutions to dominate their market. His goal – to transform your company in a focused and sustainable manner – delivers measurable results.

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