Owning Tomorrow

Great disruptive leaders like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Reed Hastings have transformed companies, industries and entire societies while generating incredible wealth for themselves, their investors, employees as well as thousands, if not millions, of other people.

In Owning Tomorrow John Furth takes the lessons these and other great disruptors have learned during their careers and turns them into practical exercises, tools and techniques to help other senior executives develop their own disruptive skill sets. John also provides real-life stories of less well-known business leaders who have successfully navigated their way to disruption to inspire and motivate readers of Owning Tomorrow.

Owning Tomorrow shows you:
  • How to develop the skills to become the kind of leader who harnesses the power of disruption to quickly build a profitable and sustainable business.
  • The difference between disruption and destruction.
  • How to embrace ideas that at first glance might not make logical sense and use them to develop successful disruptive products and services.
  • How to recognize and actively overcome counter-productive mindsets that get in the way of you and your company’s success.
  • Ways to implement simple internal disruptions that result in immediate improvements to your business’ top and bottom lines and save it from attacks by competitors and/or changes in the regulatory and political environment.
  • Fundamental business and leadership principles that never change and must always be present to achieve success, even in the most disruptive environments.
  • Many – and often better - alternatives to funding a disruptive company than through Private Equity and Venture Capital firms.
  • Why creating wealth has everything to do with the quality of your relationship with money and the degree to which you positively impact the world.

But this is not just a book for the upper echelons of management. Anyone committed to continuous improvement and growth will find the ideas in Owning Tomorrow extremely valuable for creating a future of abundant happiness and success beyond what they ever imagined possible.